Day Seven : the mid-mark

The mid-mark:  seven completed work days are stretched out behind me… but the seven in front seem compressed…my attention has shifted…I’m on top of every strand…every movement…every light shift…every breeze… this morning I rested against the canvas and it supported me.


About donisilversimons

I am a multi-diciplinary contemporary artist who explores issues of time, memory, and identity.
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1 Response to Day Seven : the mid-mark

  1. Renita Chesler says:

    Musings while observing Doni on 8/20 …
    As time unravels what do we keep, what do we discard? Pulling out the strands that have held the fabric together we create something new, something freer… letting air in, letting light in. Some strands release more easily than others: more willing to let go, to disengage. Some have to be eased out of their habitual pattern. What will become of all that is discarded? Will it be more abundant than that which is left? And what is the meaning of that? Is it about disappearing, or just winnowing down to essence?


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